Rice Bowls Missions Project

Started in 1980 in Spartanburg, SC, Rice Bowls is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide food for orphaned children in the name of Christ. After visiting developing countries and witnessing the ravages of world hunger first-hand, Dr. Alastair Walker decided to develop a pro-active means to feed the hungry.

With the help of other staff and members of his church, Dr. Walker developed a plastic rice bowl coin bank that’s very similar to the one still used today. Since rice is a dietary staple for much of the world, this design reminds us of those in need around the world. The original concept of Rice Bowls remains the same – help organizations collect money that goes to feed the hungry.

At North Point Church, we know that God has called us to help the widows and the orphans and rice bowls is one way that we are taking on that task.  We want our children to have a heart to help those in need!  That is why Kidz Point Kids has decided to partner with this organization.  This missions project is truly one for the whole family!  You can get your rice bowl at any service or you can donate money directly here online.  Just click the button below.  Thank you so much for joining in with us to help not only meet a need but to teach our children how to think outside of themselves!