Welcome to Little America Daycare

Mission Statement
Little America Daycare’s teachers, staff and administration seek to honor God as we serve your childcare needs. Each day we will strive to provide the highest quality of care and education for your child and we will do our job with excellence, as if unto the Lord.

Education Philosophy
We believe that every child has a unique and special gift to offer society at large. In order to discover, develop and release this gift children need a safe, stable and nurturing environment. Such an environment will encourage and enhance their natural curiosity, provide guided exploration and offer appropriate educational instructions. As educators, our role in this process is to know each child individually, how he or she learns best and then apply that knowledge to our teaching methods. Along with that, it is paramount that we earn and maintain the trust of not only the child but of his or her family as well.

Little America Daycare is dedicated to being a place where children have the best environment to learn and grow.  We believe that it is our responsibility to teach the “whole” child.  That means that we are concerned with your child’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.  We know that no two kids are alike so we strive to make sure that we teach to the specific learning style of the child.  Our classroom activities are always age appropriate, educational, fun, and creative.  Our classroom experiences encourage cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills, independence, and social interactive skills.  We realize the importance of spiritual growth, so every classroom experience also includes learning biblical principles, scripture memory, prayer and praise and worship. 

933 Ranch Road
Fort Worth, TX   76131
t. (817) 306-5633
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